Džeko Impatient before Argentina: This is What We’ve Been Waiting for 20 Years

Edin-Dzeko-13Member of the national team of Bosnia & Herzegovina and the striker of England’s Manchester City Edin Džeko said in a statement for the club’s website that he impatiently awaits the encounter with the representation of Argentina, with which will begin the first Mundial in its history, reports Anadolu Agency (AA).


“We’ve been waiting for the past 20 years that the representation goes to some big competition and you could see it in the people’s eyes how much they were happy when we succeeded in that. They had forgotten all of their troubles and the only important thing was that B&H qualified for Brazil”, said Džeko.


He added that he can barely waits for the appearance of B&H on the World Championship in Brazil, and he emphasized that “We have fantastic fans that have made it possible for us to feel like at home wherever we play. After the wictory in Lithuania we immediately flew to Sarajevo where 50.000 people welcomed us in the streets at 3am.”


Džeko added that Argentina is the favorite, not only in group F but in the whole Mundial, and the goal of B&H is to, through Iran and Nigeria, achieve the next phase of the competition which would be a great success.




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