Dzeko: One Day I hope to return to Wolfsburg as a Player

edin_dzeko_romaThe German Wolfsburg marked its 20-year-long play in Bundesliga, and hosted a group of footballers in 1997 who won the placement in the German elite and the All Star team.

On the one side there were Roy Präger, Holger Ballwanz, Detlev Dammeier … who won the Bundesliga placement in 1997 and Zvjezdan Misimovic, Edin Dzeko, Josue, Martin Petrov, Naldo …, footballers who won the championship title.

Edin Dzeko, arrived on Saturday in Wolfsburg saying the following:

“I am 31 years old, but only on paper, but I feel better than ever. I have a three-year contract with Roma where I feel very good. However, one day I hope to return to Wolfsburg as a player – Dzeko said during the evening meal.

“All I have done in my career I owe to Wolfsburg. If there was no Wolfsburg, there would be no Manchester City and Roma,” concluded Dzeko.

Dzeko and Mismovic have recently been elected to the top 11 of Wolfsburg in the Bundesliga and Edin Dzeko got the most votes from the fans.

(Source: faktor)

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