Ekaterina Verescagina is a successful Ballet Dancer in Sarajevo for 12 Years

Ekaterina Verescagina from Russia decided to follow footsteps of her mother and chose ballet as her lifestyle, which is a graceful dance that, however, requires numerous resignations and great physical endurance.

She played several versions of the “Nutcracker” ballet in Russia, and she remembered how she played the role of a ballet doll in one of the most famous choreographers of Yury Grigorovic. She has several roles in the performance “Nutcracker”, which will be premiered in the National Theater Sarajevo on November 29th.

She said that she always loved to dance and that she often went with her mother at work, who also worked as a ballerina in the Russian city of Omsk.

She played only classical ballet in Russia, and she considers mastering modern techniques to be her greatest success.

Ekaterina has been working as a solo pianist at the National Theater in Sarajevo for twelve years. After she graduated from ballet school, she went to her mother, who works in Rijeka since 1994 and people told her that she can go to the audition for Sarajevo’s ballet.

“I sent my tape and I was immediately accepted. Unfortunately, the ballet is not very popular in this area and that is very sad. I wish that this changes at least a little bit,” she stated.

When it comes to her private life, she mostly enjoys her home with her family. She loves nature and she owns a garden next to her house where she is cultivating flowers and some vegetables.

“I really enjoy it and I have my little peace there. My little son loves to dance at home and he is a frequent guest on our performances. He told me that he can’t wait to see the new play,” said this beautiful ballerina at the end.

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