“Elatec Gracanica“ – Investment worth 3 Million BAM

elatec GracanicaOpening ceremony of the Center for personalization and production of SIM cards and RFID readers of the company “Elatec“ which will, beside members of the Board, be attended by representatives of the Embassy of Germany in B&H, and mayor of the Municipality Gracanica, Nusret Helic, will be held today in Gracanica.

Factory “Elatec“ operates as a member of the German Group “Elatec GmbH“. It currently employs 16 engineers, and until the end of the year, after acquiring  the GSM license, that number could be increased for new 30 employees.

Until now. More than 3 million BAM were invested, and investment of additional 2 million BAM in the purchase of equipment and expansion of capacities were planned.

In the Gracanica facility of “Elatec“, SIM cards and packages, as well as RFID card readers are being produced, and the company “Elco“ is distributor of their products.

The factory, which covers 1.600 m2, is equipped with the most modern machines and currently has a capacity of 2 million SIM cards annually.

Production requires the high security standards, thus SAS equipment, that meets all standards established by the GSM Association for the equipment for personalization of SIM cards, is being successfully used here, as said by organizers.


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