Electricity Price for Households to be increased by 20 %?

Lower Electricity Bill for Socially Vulnerable faktor.baManagement of “Elektroprivreda BiH” is planning to increase the price of electricity for households in the FBiH by up to 20 % due to losses in the first quarter of this year that amounted to 18 million BAM.

Due to poor preparation for winter period, which was followed by shortage of coal that was delivered from mines to hydroelectric power plants, bad hydroacumullation season, as well as enormous consumption of electricity during low temperatures, “Elektroprivreda BiH” was forced to buy electricity on the market at prices much higher than those at which it was producing and selling it.

“Elektroprivreda BiH” was producing electricity and selling it for 42.60 EUR per megawatt-hour, and it was buying it for up to 115.29 EUR per megawatt-hour on the market in January, and for 125.52 EUR in February. Only in January, they bought electricity for 36.9 million BAM, and for 28.2 million BAM in February, which caused EP BiH to suffer serious losses.

Price at which EP BiH is currently selling electricity to households is 32 EUR per megawatt-hour, while they are planning to increase it up to 39 EUR. They sell it on the market for 44 EUR and there will be no changes there.

Certain mines that are operating within EPBiH, instead of supplying coal to thermal power plants and EPBiH, sold this energy source to buyers from Serbia. Also, no mines under the valid contract are paying penalty for delays in delivery. In that way, with sales of coal in Serbia, they earned twice as much money than they usually do by selling it to EPBiH.

– The amount of fallback for the first two months in 2017 amounted to 185.000 tons of coal.

– Stockpiles was lower for 158.000 tons of coal

(Source: fokus.ba)

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