Hotel Pino Nature won Prestigious Award for Design “A ‘Design Award”

hotel-pinoThe unique hotel Pino Nature, which is located in Sarajevo picnic site Trebevic, won the prestigious “A ‘Design Award” for architecture, structure and design of this building.

Architectural studio Zec from Sarajevo signed the project of hotel Pino which opened its doors in early January of last year. This hotel, better known to many people as “The first forester (Prvi sumar),” went through a great redesign which turned it into a large wooden house that exists in perfect harmony with the nature that surrounds it.

As the winner of the award, Pino Nature has a lifetime license to use the winning logo A ‘Design Award & Competition, which represents prestige by itself and means that the company or designer is the author of the superior quality work.

A ‘Design Award & Competition is the leading international competition for the design. Recognitions for design are awarded in a wide range of creative fields in order to emphasize the best designers from all countries in all disciplines. Competitors were anonymously graded by experienced architectural experts, designers, academics, the media and other professionals. The A ‘Design recognition was awarded to many designers around the world. The main goal of this competition is to create global awareness on good practices and principles by emphasizing the best design in all countries and regions.

Pino Nature was nominated for the best European object within the European Hotel Design Awards. It was also included in the book “In practice”, which contains photos, reflections and achievements of 37 European architectural companies, and the representative of BiH is Zec Studio with the project of hotel Pino Nature. On the traditional 6th of April exhibition, which is dedicated to the celebration of the Day of Sarajevo, Amir Vuk Zec received the Grand Prix award for the construction of hotel Pino Nature on Trebevic.

(Source: klix.ba)




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