Elvisa Kovacevic – The First Bosnian Woman as the Instructor for Fire Walking

instructorElvisa Kovacevic is the first woman from B&H who completed a challenging training at the Fire Walking Institute of Research and Education. She learned from the best, the most famous master of psychology of success in the world Tony Robbins, consultant of Bill Clinton.

Today she is the councilor for personal success and development, and a certified instructor that teaches how to “walk on fire.” In order to obtain her diploma as the instructor, she had to get over the fire 107 times in one night, and the 108th time the track was 20 steps long. Fire walking lasted for more than 40 minutes, and they made a break only in order to put “fresh” ember.

Fire walking is known to be one of the most ancient spiritual rituals, and it is a deeply transformational experience which is changing a person in a positive way for a lifetime.

“Volunteering in the community cured my pain and depression. When I stopped dealing only with myself and my problems, my mind was completely changed, I became closer to God and I started to change. That is the main message that I share with people today, it is necessary to devote ourselves to something bigger than us, without expecting any reward. It’s the best feeling that changes the biochemistry of the body. This is the main factor that millionaires who commit suicide are missing, because they had everything, but they did not have time to cultivate this reaction in the body, which led them to the state of depression,” explained this instructor of fire walking.

“If we want to go anywhere, we need to know where we are standing now. When I first walked over the fire without injury, I realized that everything is possible. Everything I had ever believed about myself and my life was not true, or at least not entirely. If you can walk on fire, then you can do anything. I still live by that motto and I share it with all those who do not want to stay where they are and who want more from their life and from themselves,” said Elvisa.

Elvisa says that faith, knowledge and sense of belonging are key to everything and that there is solutions for everything.

She is planning to issue a brief guide with the most important steps for personal success and to bring in B&H one of the oldest spiritual rituals for a revival of personal power and encouraging of sense of control over you, fire walking.

(Source: klix.ba)

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