CEO Conference in Sarajevo gathered more than 750 Young People

ceoIn the organization of the Faculty of Economics, University of Sarajevo (UNSA) yesterday was held the final conference of the CEO (Career Opportunities and Entrepreneurship) in the capital of B&H, which gathered more than 750 young people from B&H and the region, who are dedicated to the proactive approach to entrepreneurship and career development.

Dean of UNSA Zeljko Sain said that this is a traditional project, which is actual in the last three years and this year has the character of a regional event.

He emphasized that final conference in Sarajevo followed after similar meetings in Mostar, Zenica, Tuzla, Banja Luka, Zagreb, Belgrade and Podgorica, with the participation of about 3,000 people with a mutual desire to improve their knowledge and skills, inspired by young and successful people.

“The aim of this project is to educate young people on how to get accomplished and successful in this area through the positive success stories in the business,” explained Sain, stating that it is a good opportunity for young people to learn about the experiences of people who succeeded in different fields.

According to him, the project CEO Conference will be continued in the following years, and it is held in a form of a cycle of conferences every year, in the organization of the Faculty of Economics, University of Sarajevo.

The intention of the organizers is to continue gathering young and successful individuals from the country and the region within this project in order for them to exchange life and business experiences, new ideas and knowledge in the context of different disciplines, in order to bring positive changes in personal and wider social context.


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