Rostovo in Bugojno the favorite Visitors’ Destination

Rostovo Destination novovrijeme.baWith an air temperature of -7 degrees, as measured this morning at 7 a.m., Bugojno is again on the list of coldest cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Emergency services experience bigger crowds due to smog and fog, which remain during a great time of the day, and help is mostly sought by asthmatics, cardiac patients and citizens with high blood pressure.

Current weather conditions forced many citizens of Bugojno to visit today some of the surrounding mountains, where the air is cleaner and problems such as fog and smog not so present.

Especially attractive is the locality of Rostovo plateau, where a large number of citizens and nature enthusiasts usually spend their weekend days.

Ski-Center “Rostovo” offers numerous amenities to the visitors, and many guests from B&H and abroad will spend their Christmas and New Year holidays there.

“Many Dalmatians, people from Zagreb, as well as citizens from other parts of Croatia, will welcome the year 2016 here. Rostovo became the favorite winter destination to them, said the Head of Ski-Center Rostovo Rusmir Kurbegović.

According to Kurbegović, although everything is ready for the beginning of winter season, conditions for putting ski trails and lifts in function have not been created yet due to insufficient amounts of snow.

“The height of snow is around 10 centimeters. However, that does not diminish the Rostovo idyll and beauty of this area, complemented by the Ethno Village ‘Babići’ in the best possible way,” Kurbegović highlighted.


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