Employees of Holiday Inn are Still on Strike

SarajevoHolidayInnYesterday, employees of Holiday Inn Sarajevo went on strike because they did not receive their last three salaries, and did not receive any contributions for the past three and a half years. Today, they gathered in the lobby of the Holiday Inn to demand their rights.

A court ban was placed on a strike, but the employees decided to go on strike, and waited in the hotel lobby yesterday to and waited to have their demands met. They stayed last night until 22:30, and returned this morning at 8:00.

”Director Senadin Fetahagić threatened to fire us three times yesterday, so he suggested that we start from zero, but it is impossible to start from zero, when you have a loss of millions. We will stay here until we receive our payments”, said the employees to klix.ba.

They add that the hotel management this morning used employees from the restaurant park prinčeva to serve guests breakfast.

”They brought food in bags, so we called inspection to take a look into that, so that in the end we are not held responsible if something were to happen to someone. However, no one from inspection answered the telephone”, they added.

Around 140 employees of the hotel did not receive their last three salaries, and no contributions were given out for 3,5 years, and as a result several employees are not able to retire.

Director of the hotel Senadin Fetahagić told klix.ba yesterday that an Austrian called Jakob Kuess, who is the owner of the company Alpha Baumanagement, is the owner of Holiday Inn in Sarajevo, intended to raise a loan in an Austrian Bank in order to settle the wages and pay at least a part of the contributions.

”The bank however, stopped that loan and installment for the hotel when the protests began in our country. The owner is still waiting for a positive response from the bank, and according to my information, is doing everything to solve the situation”, said Fetahagić.

(Source: klix.ba)








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