Employers and Unions: An enormous Increase in Electricity Prices should not be allowed

The management of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) Employers’ Association (UPFBiH) and seven branch unions from the real sector expressed concern “by announcements of an enormous increase in electricity prices for the economy, which will lead to reduced economic activities, job losses, and endangering the living standards of workers and citizens.”

From the joint meeting, a request was sent to the FBiH Government to react in accordance with the legal powers and not allow an enormous increase in electricity and thus prevent layoffs and the collapse of the economy.

The meeting reached a joint conclusion that it is necessary to significantly reduce the burden on labor costs, by passing a new law on FBiH contributions, which would amount to a maximum contribution of 30 percent, so conditions for further increase of the minimum wage agreed by employers and unions through collective agreements would be met.

The management of UPFBiH and seven unions from the real sector also sent a request to the Government of FBiH for an urgent session of the FBiH Economic and Social Council (ESVFBiH) for the territory of the FBiH on the topic of the minimum wage in FBiH. Namely, for unknown reasons, the representatives of the FBiH Government have already twice postponed the session of the ESVFBiH for the territory of the FBiH, ” the UPFBiH stated.

It was agreed at the meeting that negotiations on signing collective agreements between the UPFBiH and branch unions, which have not yet been negotiated and signed, will be continued, ” it was said by the UPFBiH.

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