Enthusiasm of Residents: Village has a Museum and Botanical Garden

[wzslider autoplay=”true”]Homeland Association “Bastina” from Novi Travnik managed to open a museum with collections of ethnology, archeology and art gallery where famous painters are exposing their works, in only 10 years. Thanks to the enthusiasm of the members of the association, which is led by Marinko Slipac, besides the museum village Rankovici received a botanical garden as well, which is named after the old imperial oak that was one of the largest and not only in B&H. His remains are standing today at the entrance of the botanical garden.

Around one hundred different types of park bushes and trees is placed in the botanical garden, which was created in the school orchard, and domestic species from central Bosnia have not been forgotten either.

The museum is a place where art exhibitions and literary evenings are mainly organized.

“We have a large number of cultural events taking place here throughout the whole year. We are organizing promotions of books, literary evenings and poetry evenings, we are marking the International Day of Forests, the World Storytelling Day, museum night etc. In early September, we are traditionally hosting the fair of traditional crafts and handicrafts. There are also scientific lectures, theater performances etc.” said Slipac.

The whole project is based on the voluntary basis. Municipality of Novi Travnik is covering the costs of electricity and water for the museum.

“We have educated staff in Novi Travnik. Archaeologists, ethnologists, restorers, conservators etc. Many of them are unemployed and they joined us to help. We are relying on the enthusiasm. The younger generations are coming, and there are still enthusiasts among them. They will continue this work and expand it, and we, who are older, will slowly go in retirement,” added Marinko Slipac, head of the museum and the Association “Bastina.”


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