EU approves a Grant of 20 Million EUR for Road Infrastructure?

5cIn the premises of the Ministry of Communications and Transport of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Minister Ismir Jusko held a meeting with the Head of the Delegation of the European Union and the European Union Special Representative in BiH Lars-Gunnar Wigemark.

Ambassador Wigemark stressed successfully implemented activities of the Ministry in the previous period, and added that it resulted in an additional grant of the EU funds in the amount of 20 million euros. The grant is intended for projects of road infrastructure in BiH.

It is concluded that the Ministry of Communications and Transport, in cooperation with the responsible entity ministries, are to make a selection of priority infrastructure projects on which the grants will be spent.

Minister Jusko informed the participants about the current activities of the Ministry, as well as those that are intended to improve the road infrastructure, noting the particular importance of building a bridge on Corridor 5c. Namely, it is about the project that will build the bridge across the Sava River near the town of Svilaj bridge and bridge on the Sava River near Gradiska, as well as highway construction of Corridor 5C route Zepce – Tuzla – Brcko – Orasje.

(Source: ekapija)

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