EU Assistance in Implementing Law in BiH

EU I BIHFrom May 2012 the EU began with the implementation of the project “EU Support in Implementing Law” in BiH.

The leader of the project Karl Lesjak announced yesterday in Sarajevo that the project is being successfully carried out and will finish in May 2014, and that it would cost 6,9 million euros. The EU will finance everything.

“Through this project, we wish to help BiH institutions in implementing the law and bring it closer to the European level that is necessary for accession to the EU. This would help BiH fulfill its obligations from the Stabilization and Association Agreement, and which is based on justice, freedom and security’’, said Lesjak.

Specifically, this project would strengthen the efforts of BiH agencies by investing in the implementation of police reform and the fight against organized crime and corruption, added Lesjak.

Otherwise, the “EU Support in Implementing Law” is being carried out through 10 components. The project team will share their knowledge, learn, listen and give advice, and it is made up of foreign and local experts.

BiH has an opportunity to strengthen its legislation through support projects in legislature, the fight against serious and organized crime, fight against corruption, establishment of appropriate structures for the confiscation of illegally acquired property and support for the establishment of the Office for Drugs.

Through various types of training, this would help the State Investigation and Protection Agency, Border Police, law enforcement agencies at the entity and cantonal level and Brčko District. The eight component is implementation of police reform, cooperation between police and the judiciary and in the end it would bind all to modern communication.

“Therefore, nothing will be imposed on BiH”, said Lesnjak.

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