BiH and Albania Signed an Agreement on Cooperation in the Veterinary Field

sarovicThe BiH Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations Mirko Šarović and the Albanian Minister of Agriculture, Food and Consumer Protection signed yesterday in Tirana an agreement on cooperation in the veterinary field.

This agreement facilitates the transport of live animals and products of animal origin, and at the same time commits to the protection of the health of animals and public health in order to prevent the introduction of diseases from animals and products of animal origin.

Minister Šarović met with the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Economy, Trade and Energy of Albania Edmond Haxinast, with whom he spoke on the liberalization of trade in the CEFTA area.

The ministers agreed to intensify cooperation between the chambers of commerce, as well as to strengthen cooperation in visits to both countries. They reached an agreement on the liberalization of tariffs for a number of products that were in the customs regime.

This would enable the export of products from BiH under favorable conditions, first of all milk and meat to Albania.

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