EU is Financing Project-Clever Use of Shared Natural Resources

handshakeTraining on the participatory planning of natural resources as part of the project “Clever Use of Shared Natural Resources-Path to Sustainable Cross-Border Region of Serbia/BiH” will be held from 3-5 June in the monastery complex St. Nicholas, located 14 km from Ljubovija.

The goal of the training is for representatives of partner municipalities (Bogatić, Bijeljina, Mali Zvornik, Zvornik, Bratunac, Ljubovija) and members of the working groups established to become familiar with the concept of participatory planning of natural resources management, operation and method development of GIS databases as a powerful means in planning the management of life environment, structure of the study and work methodology on the project.

In addition, participants will have the chance to acquire good communication skills, as well as conflict management skills, which are the prerequisites for successful planning and involves a multitude of stakeholders with various interests.

This year’s project is financed by the EU with funds from the IPA program for cross-border cooperation of Serbia-BiH, and is led by the Union of Environmentalists “UNECO” from Belgrade and COOR from Sarajevo.

The total value of the project is 256.030 euros, announced COOR.


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