EU-Presentation on B&H ID Cards in Future E-Services

licna_kartaThe EU Delegation to B&H and the Office of the Special Representative of the EU to B&H and the Agency for Identification of Documents, Registers and Data Exchange of B&H (IDDEEA), held a presentation to the staff of the EU and officials of B&H on the possibilities of electronic identification and electronic signatures for B&H ID cards.

The Head of Operations of the EU Delegation to B&H Holger Schroeder opened the presentation, and the Director of IDDEEA Siniša Macan and his colleagues presented the opportunities for the ID cards.

The new generation of biometric identification documents is in use from 1 April 2013. The new ID cards contain elements of electronic identity in accordance with future e-services.

The report of the European Commission on the progress of B&H for 2013, in the chapter on information society services, recognized this as progress.

It is expected that the institutions and administrations throughout B&H would start using electronic services in the near future with the help of electronic cards.

With the goal of higher financial efficiency, the possibility of using existing ID cards will be looked into.

(Source: Fena)

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