EU Provides Technical Assistance in the Development of B&H Electricity Legislation

20131111_115414fRepresentatives from the electricity sector institutions as well as other key BiH stakeholders are meeting over the next two days (11 – 12 November) in Jahorina to discuss and co-ordinate the implementation of the IPA Project “Development of an EU acquis-compliant electricity legislative framework in Bosnia and Herzegovina” scheduled to be completed by 20 December 2013.

The meeting was opened by the Head of the EUSR Political Department, Thomas Busch, and by the Head of Electricity Unit in the Energy Community Secretariat, Simon Uzunov. Both stated that this Project was a key starting point in the development of the BiH electricity sector, with the aim of creating greater competition, openness and transparency.

This Project serves as the preparation tool to align electricity-related legislation in BiH with all EU legislation in this sector by 1 January 2015. The Project also aims to promote reforms in the electricity sector in line with the requirements stemming from the Stabilization and Association Agreement and Energy Community Treaty signed between BiH and the EU.

The Project’s main objective is to provide technical assistance for the fullest transposition of EU electricity legislation, including the Third Energy Package, into the applicable BiH legislation, taking into account EU best practice. In particular, the transposition of the Third Energy Package is a key obligation for BiH as a contracting party to the Energy Community Treaty.

The Project, worth 1.3 million Euros, is being implemented by a consortium led by AAM Management Information Consulting Ltd.

(Source: EU Delegation to B&H)


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