Euro-Asphalt constructing Slovenian Roads: Job worth more than 100 million BAM

roadsThe second part of the highway between Gruskovje and Drazenci will be completely constructed by B&H company Euro-Asfalt, as reported by Slovenian Delo.

Slovenian auditors refused the appeal of the company Pomgrad, which was part of a consortium that was constructing the first section of this road.

13 kilometers long section of highway is divided into two parts. The first part of the 7 kilometers was constructed by Pomgrad and their partners, while Euro-Asphalt will construct remaining 6 kilometers of the road.

B&H company signed 15 million BAM worth contract for the preparatory works in August last year, and they now offered the best price for other sections in the amount of 46,020,030.45 EUR without VAT.

(Source: DZ. S. – K./

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