European Commission forwarded Follow-up Questions to BiH

The Directorate for European Integration informed the public that the European Commission forwarded follow-up questions with the aim of preparing an opinion on the application of BiH for membership in the EU.

Follow-up questions make 20 % of questions from the Questionnaire that was delivered in December 2016. Regional countries received similar number of follow-up questions.

Follow-up questions in English language are available at the following link:

Majority follow-up questions (106) refer to the political criterion, while the European Commission created 33 follow-up questions in the economic criterion.

They are followed by Chapter 19. Social Policy and Employment (43), Chapter 14. – Transport Policy (39), and Chapter 26 – Education and Culture (36)…

The first activity of the Directorate for European Integration will be to translate follow-up questions from the English language.

Later on, they will be included in the information system for the support of preparation of the response to the Questionnaire, and then the competent institutions will prepare contributions to overall response of BiH.

In the continuation of realization of this work, working groups will technically finalize contributions of the competent institutions, and, in case of need, other bodies in the system of coordination of the process of EU integrations.

The purpose of the follow-up questions is to further explain the previously submitted responses, ascertain changes in relation to the responses to the Questionnaire and include data for the year of 2017 that could not be collected before.








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