Wild Waterfalls of Martin Brod keep the Legend of Forbidden Love

Nature played on its best way with this area which residents of this part of the country call the “Pearl of Krajina” and that represents the “jugular vein” of the National Park Una.

Through Lika rubbles, the mountain winding road from Drvar to Kulen Vakuf leads to centuries of unspoiled nature in the village of Martin Brod, where the confluence of Unac and Una formed a unique and wide known waterfall.

Over the largest waterfall of Una, several tens of meters high, an average of 63 m3 of water is flowing per second. The unique scene of the natural beauty is possible to observe from arranged bridges and viewpoints, with the sounds of nature, forests, water and trees.

Pearly waters of Martin Brod marked the life of its residents, who are keeping ancient legend about the origin of this place in their oral history.

As the legend said, a beautiful girl named Marta found the forbidden love of her life on the other side of the Una. One night she went across the Una, slipped and disappeared into the whirlpools of the river. Her attempt of crossing the river or ship was called Martin Brod (Marta’s Ship).

This natural environment is hidden from the eye of ordinary passengers by the chain of Dinara Mountain, but the interest in the settlement is growing every year and gathering more and more nature lovers who enjoy the hiking trails in the specific flora and fauna of Martin Brod.

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