“European Days of Jewish Culture” marked in Sarajevo

Last night, within international manifestation “European Days of Jewish Culture 2017”, in Sarajevo was opened the exhibition of National Library of Israel under the name “Dijaspora”, which is also the topic of this year’s edition of this event.

After the opening of this exhibition, and in organization of Jewish cultural-educational and humanitarian society “La Benevolencija” and Jewish municipality in Sarajevo, which are participating in European days of Jewish culture this year as well, were held lectures on topic “Sefard music in Bosnia and Herzegovina”, by David Kamhi, retired Professor at the Music Academy in Sarajevo, and projection of the movie “Sarajevo mi sevdad de oro” (Sarajevo my city of gold), by Klara Pelj.

The president of Jewish cultural-educational and humanitarian society “La Benevolencija” Jakob Finci, welcomed all the attendees and stated that this is the manifestation during which are opened “doors of Jewish communities, municipalities, temples, and museums to a wider circle of visitors”.

In a review of the lecture on the topic “Sefard music in Bosnia and Herzegovina”, Professor David Kamhi said that this music represents a compilation of what Jewish people brought from Biblical time, before they came to Spain, where those elements mixed with some elements of Arabic and Christian music, therefore witnessing unity of diversity.

European Days of Jewish Culture 2017 are held in a total of 35 countries in Europe. Manifestation started in 1996, in Alzas, France, as very successful local manifestation. Until the year of 1999, it spread to the entire France and then Germany, Switzerland, Spain, and it became official European manifestation in 2000. That is the year when 11 new European countries joined this manifestation, including our country.


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