Three Sisters from Gorazde went to Hajj together: We all go with one Goal and hope for Forgiveness

All those who traveled to Hajj to perform the fifth Islamic duty from Gorazde agree that it is rare that more than one member of a family is traveling on the same plane at a time, but Samija, Sadija, and Rabija are the proof that it can happen. Samija Zupcic, Rabija Beslija, and Sadija Hadzihasanovic performed the Hajj together last year and said it is one of the greatest blessings they have ever experienced.

This year, they are following everything that is happening in the country from which they brought the most beautiful memories, and they are wishing for their children and grandchildren to do the same.

Hajjis are saying that they always had the desire to go, and they were secretly hoping that their desire will be fulfilled. However, they could not even dream that they will go together and that Hajj will change their lives.

“You have to think about Hajj, to do good, to do your prayers on time, and change to the soul will inevitably happen. It is a pleasure for your soul. It cannot be described, only experienced. I had my two sisters, my two wings, and everything was easy to me there. There is such a beauty, such overwhelming feelings. Tears are dropping as I look from the terrace at a large lake of roses of various colors, and those are actually people from all over the world, which is a small world. I wish for everyone to go there, we are obliged to go and to keep our Hajj,” said Samija Zupcic, the eldest sister.

Samija, Sadija, and Rabija are from a religious family and they are raised in an Islamic way, so they have always been dedicated to performing this Islamic duty. But, according to them, a person can dream, but God determines. And it happened like that.

“We never planned it, it was always in our subconscious, but we could not even imagine that we would go together, especially in this age. This year again three sisters went, but they are young girls. It is really something special, you do not even think about the trip, you are always with your family, you are traveling together, you are together in a room, together in a mosque and everything else,” said Rabija.

They noted that their favorite thing is when the whole family gathers for Eid, and this Eid al Adha came their relatives from Australia. Although spread all around the world, Bosnia and holidays in their own garden are connecting them.

(Source: E. A./Klix.ba)

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