European Officials welcomed the Adoption of a Resolution on BiH

Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is far from joining the European Union (EU). However, European representatives are clearly committed to the progress of our European path, it was confirmed by the adoption of the European Parliament resolution on BiH.

It was checked how much the guidelines adopted by the European Parliament will fasten the process of implementing reforms and bring our country closer to the EU.

The adoption of the resolution on BiH was welcomed by the Member of the European Parliament, Paulo Rangel, who is the Special Rapporteur on BiH. He said that BiH is a country in the heart of Europe, and that it has a natural place in the EU, but that the mentioned path is long and many reforms are needed.

“Therefore, we call on the BiH authorities and political leaders to commit to a common goal: to overcome divisions and find a broad and inclusive consensus, to ensure the functioning of an institutional structure that respects the country’s multicultural nature, to guarantee the rule of law and freedom of media, to reform the economy and create more opportunities for young people,” said Paulo Rangel, Member of the European Parliament.

All this has been repeated to our politicians thousand times so far. Even though they are not implementing the reforms required of them, they still hope for candidate status. However, according to analysts, BiH will have to wait a long time for candidate status, despite announcements from local authorities.

“And now we have announcements that the adoption of certain reform laws will lead to candidate status by the end of this year, but I don’t believe we can expect that these reform laws will be adopted, at least not to the extent that it is a sufficient indicator to the EU commission which is supposed to positively assess the situation in BiH in the context of certain changes, ” stated Rasim Ibrahimagic, analyst.

The new Report consists of seven chapters and covers well-known requirements regarding the reconciliation process, the functioning of democratic institutions, the rule of law, basic human rights, socio-economic reforms, connectivity, energy and the environment, foreign policy and security. Those familiar with the situation assess this message as realistic with the obligatory work of the authorities.

“It is possible to do something about the election legislation and ensure that next year’s elections in BiH are legitimate. It is necessary to remove all elements of discrimination, it may be necessary to change something in the constitutional model and ensure a functional election of political representatives next year, ” told Davor Djenero, a political analyst from Zagreb.

The adoption of such a resolution has clearly shown that the European Parliament put an end to any types of non-paper and similar documents, which would cause certain unrest and any political confrontation in BiH, said the Secretary-General of the European Movement in BiH.

“And for this reason, this decision of the European Parliament has clearly confirmed that the European administration supports the sovereignty, political integrity, and unity of BiH. In that context, all further disintegrations and such policies will fail,” said Haris Plakalo, Secretary-General of the European Movement in BiH.

He added that in this way, BiH is moving away from the path to the EU. He thinks that the guidelines in the resolution must be taken seriously and analyzed in detail so that everything that the EU requires from BiH could be started implemented quickly. The progress will depend on the political will of the local authorities. By adopting the resolution, the European Parliament clearly indicated in which direction the policy of BiH should go, BHRT writes.


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