Exercise “Immediate Response 21” continued with Combat Shooting and Helicopter Flights

During the second day of the exercise “Immediate Response 21”, members of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina (AFBiH) and the Armed Forces from the United States (U.S.) continued with the initial training activities, which will be expanded into larger joint action in the following days, as the BiH Ministry of Defense announced yesterday.

“Members of the declared Light Infantry Battalion Group of the AFBiH yesterday morning at the Manjaca range joined the American soldiers in qualifying combat shooting with infantry weapons, who have been on this activity since Monday. The goal of combat shooting is to check their ability to use weapons in combat conditions, ” it was noted in the statement by the ministry.

During that time, a helicopter unit of the 1st Infantry Division’s Combat Aviation Brigade of the U.S. Army, which is based at the Dubrave barracks and airport near Tuzla, is conducting training flights, related to human transport and medical evacuation by air. Currently, there are four UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters in Dubrave, and it is possible that their number will increase, as the intensity of the exercise rises. Besides members of the 5th Infantry Brigade of the AFBiH, this flying unit is also supported by the staff of Tuzla International Airport.

“Our members have done all the necessary activities to prepare the heliport for all their flights. We have also prepared space for the terrestrial part of their group, both in terms of staff accommodation and all the necessary infrastructure. We have a wide range of activities and we are satisfied that all this is being implemented at this stage, ” told the commander of the 5th Infantry Brigade of the AFBiH, Brigadier Emir Kliko in the Dubrave barracks.

Major David Preczewski, the commander of the American air force in Dubrave, stated that they were glad to cooperate with members of the AFBiH and that they were extremely grateful to the local staff for their assistance.

“This country is really beautiful and we cannot wait for joint activities in Manjaca and Glamoc,” he pointed out.

Exercise “Immediate Response 2021”, in which about 500 members of the AFBiH and about 700 American soldiers participate, is being held at the military training grounds of the AFBiH Manjaca and Glamoc, as well as the barracks and airport Dubrave near Tuzla, from May 17th to June 2nd, 2021. The BiH Presidency approved this exercise in February 2020.

Exercise “Immediate Response 21” is part of a large multinational exercise “Defender Europe 21” conducted by the U.S. Armed Forces Europe and Africa Command, which is linking four different military exercises on European soil. It is about a total of about 28.000 participants in four linked exercises, which will be held at 31 military training grounds in 12 countries, with the participation of armed forces from a total of 27 countries, BHRT writes.


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