SIPA Police arrested Zoran Mamic in Bosnia

This morning in Medjugorje, members of the Agency for Investigation and Protection (SIPA) arrested Zoran Mamic, for whom Zagreb’s Interpol recently issued an international arrest warrant.

Mamic is already on his way to the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, where a hearing will be held. According to the legal procedure, Mamic will be brought to the Court of BiH, where the extradition judge should determine which documents he has. If he has valid documents on the possession of BH citizenship, Mamic will not be able to be extradited to Croatia until further notice.

If Croatia issued a warrant for a person without BiH citizenship, the case would go to the BiH Ministry of Justice and the Republic of Croatia would then have 40 days to submit the necessary documentation for the extradition of a Croatian citizen to BiH, ie the Ministry of Justice.

Then the BiH Minister of Justice would make a decision on extradition. His brother Zdravko Mamic, who was also declared a fugitive from the Croatian judiciary and who took refuge in BiH, underwent an identical procedure.

Zoran Mamic was sentenced to four years and eight months in prison for withdrawing money from the Dinamo football club. The warrant states his name and surname, date and place of birth and citizenship (Republic of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina).

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