Exhibition of Drawings by Amra Zulfikarpašić: smART

Amra_ZulfikarpasicThe exhibition of drawings smART by Amra Zulfikarpašić will open tomorrow at 19:30 in the Sarajevo Gallery Roman Petrović, and all those interested can see the drawings every day from 10:00-18:00.

‘’The collection of prints by Amra Zulfikarpašić were created from 2012-2013. They are unique for their simplicity and wit, resulting from contact with the drawing surface. It is hard to believe that such striking and dramatic drawings come to life on a touchscreen smartphone. The result is a visual work with refreshing directness, sketches of emotions before the actual projection of the face, body and situation. Smartphone sketches correspond to the nature of the artist (smART) and enables their specific talent, except in graphic design, painting, journalism, and to express their most essential form of art. With her Sarajevo-female-smart-tingling technique, used in verbal, living, professor and political communication, Amra accesses the digital sphere, constantly emphasizing the joy of life and bright side of existence’’, said Mila Melank.


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