B&H-Serbia: Cross-Border Cooperation to a Common Tourist Product

cross_spaThe Local Democracy Foundation and the Sarajevo Regional Development Agency (SERDA) organized a two-day training at the spa complex Terme in Ilidža called ‘planning the development of new products and marketing offers to health spa tourism for cross-border areas of Serbia-B&H in accordance with EU experiences’.

The training was organized as part of the project ‘Development and promotion of health spa tourism in IPA cross-border region of B&H-Serbia-Cross Spa’, financed by the EU in B&H and Serbia as part of the program IPA cross-border cooperation.

The value of the project is 452.152 Euros, of which 15 percent has been ensured by partners on the project with the support of the relevant ministries in B&H and Serbia.

The Local Democracy Foundation, as the leading applicant, is realizing this project in partnership with the Tourist Organization of the western region in Serbia from Užice and with national partners, SERDA and the Regional Development Agency Zlatibor.

(Source: Fena)

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