Exhibition of Old Postcards of the Sarajevo Historical Archived opened


The exhibition ‘’Cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Collection of Photographs and Postcards of the Sarajevo Historical Archive’’, made by Almira Alibasic-Fideler and organized by the Sarajevo Historical Archive on the occasion of November 25th, BiH Statehood Day, was opened yesterday.

The photographs were taken by the initiators of the photography craft development in BiH, who, despite being part of a particular policy that Austria-Hungary Monarchy implemented in BiH during that period, managed to use their work for presenting the best that could then be shown then in photography, capturing BiH cities and old town bazaars in the process of their emancipation from one time period to another.

The author emphasized that the aim of this exhibition is to present part of the Collection of Photographs and Postcards of the Sarajevo Historical Archive, which is one of the most significant ones on the occasion of BiH Statehood Day.

The 21 exhibition panels showed around 210 photographs of BiH cities dating from the turn of the 19thto the 20thcentury, which was the period of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy.

‘’This was the period when BiH cities experienced a process of change, and adapted their spirit from a more oriental cultural and civilizational milieu to a central European one. The photographs and postcards show the city panoramas, the main streets, some parts of the cities where we can see the everyday life of the people who lived in that period, as well as the construction method,’’ said Almira Alibasic-Fideler.

She also emphasized that this was a period when photography was used for creating memories, as well as creating documents, portal reports.

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