Exhibition ‘Retrospectrum-stalna u pokretu’ in Bihać

umjetničkaIn city gallery of Bihać, an exhibition called ‘Retrospectrum-stalna u pokretu’ has opened. The exhibition is a permanent setting of Art gallery of BiH, and citizens of 15 BiH cities had the opportunity to see it, and the project was supported by the ministry of Civil Affairs of BiH.

The exhibition will present 50 works of the most famous BiH painters.

Manager of Art Gallery of BiH Strajo Krsmanović said that the exhibited works are very valuable and it is a very important thing that citizens of other cities, not just Sarajevo , had the opportunity to see the exhibition.

After Bihać, the exhibition will be set in Livno, Mostar, Brčko, Tuzla and in 8 other BiH towns.


(photo: wikipedia)

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