Exhibition ‘Sarajevo crafts through centuries’ in Brus bezistan

zanatYesterday, the exhibition ‘Sarajevo crafts through centuries’ was opened in Brus bezistan in Sarajevo, on the occasion of ‘Days of Sarajevo Canton’, reports Fena.

Upholsterer and bag maker had a live presentation of their work. Also, shoe makers, coppersmith, gloves maker, hat makers, slipper makers, brush makers, calligraphers and rope makers presented their works.

Bag maker Haris Zeci, who started creating leather items, said to journalists that old crafts are dying out, because there are no interested young people to learn it, and noted that when he was young many young people would come to his father’s store to learn the craft.

President of the Association of Craftsmen ‘Stari Zanati’ of Sarajevo Canton, with 270 members and 60 crafts, Mehmed Kalajdžisalihović noted that this exhibition is organised for the eighth time.

He noted that old crafts are dying out, and now in BiH there is only one brush maker, and one gloves maker, and added that craftsmanship is a job that can provide basic needs for a family.

The exhibition was supported by Sarajevo Canton Government and KS Ministry of Economy with the Minister Emir Hrenovica, who said that old crafts are a part of tradition of every country, and BiH is rich in old crafts.

He reminds that Ministry of Economy gave 1 million BAM to help development of old crafts, but he noted that the entire FBiH and BiH should help in preserving old crafts.

The exhibition will be opened until 9 May in Brus bezistan.



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