Young Bosnian Author Safer Grbic Wins The Hearts Of The Serbian Audience

grbićAfter being proclaimed one of the top ten young writers in the Balkans by Second program Radio Belgrade of 50 Youth Culture Festival in Serbia, Bosnian writer Safer Grbic has been included in many literary representations of the Republic of Serbia this year.

Between the 238 manuscripts received from all the Balkan countries, poetry of Grbic Safer were chosen with 19 other authors for publishing collections of “word in scope” Collegiate Cultural Center Belgrade – Serbia. This prestigious collection of Collegiate Cultural Center involved a painting of verses by the students and their presentation for Belgrade audience, as well as print collections.

Also, in collection of poetry and short prose from youth ex-Yu ,, Manuscripts 36 “, which publishes Panchevo Youth Center, included 54 authors in this year’s edition. In total, 350 applications were received this year  from all over the region, from Bosnia and Herzegovina, including  seven authors in which is included Safer Grbic. The two day event also held   promotion  of Manuscripts 36.

Grbic has featured  in many magazines for culture of the Republic of Serbia. Members of the Serbian literary society often write about his work.

This year, Grbic ‘s work will be presented in the 6th Novosarajevo’s literary meeting in a collection of poetry and prose entitled  ”Out of range” , which features 225 authors from 18 countries and 5 continents.

Unpublished works of Grbic Safer will be printed in Orient et Occident, which should be published in Croatia mid-year, 2013.

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