Photo Exhibition “Ordinary Heroes / Rescuers” opened at the Eiffel Bridge

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Photo exhibition “Ordinary Heroes / Rescuers,” which shows testimonies of rescuers from BiH, Cambodia, Rwanda and the Holocaust, was held yesterday on the Eiffel (Skenderija) bridge in Sarajevo.

Organizers of the exhibition are the Foundation WARM and the Center for Post-Conflict Research from Sarajevo.

Project Manager at the Foundation WARM for BiH, Velma Saric, explained that they started with collecting and documentation of stories in 2008/2009, and she emphasized that it was not easy to work on this kind of exhibition at that time.

“The exhibition talks about people who risked their own lives and crossed ethnic divisions during the war in order to help and save someone, and the idea is to develop empathy in young people,” she said, adding that in BiH, where there are three sides of history, it was very difficult to deal with the past.

She emphasized that they are holding exhibition on the public squares because they want as many people as possible to see this exhibition in order for it to serve as an educational tool, but it is difficult to measure the impact on visitors, because thousands of people are passing by.

Professor at the University of Arts in London and one of the photographers, Paul Lowe, stated that the exhibition returned to Sarajevo after 5 years.

“You expect to see this in galleries or magazines. However, when it is on the street, it has a different impact on visitors, especially this bridge, because of memories of the war and the position that the bridge had during the siege of Sarajevo,” said Professor Lowe, the author of photos from BiH.

According to him, the bridges represent a place of reconciliation, and from these photos and testimonies we can learn about moral courage and reconciliation which are inherent in different parts of the world.


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