Exhibition titled “BiH in the Prehistoric Period” opened in the National Museum

Ambassador of the Republic of Ireland to Slovenia Myles Geiran opened an exhibition titled “BiH in the prehistoric period” in the National Museum of BiH in Sarajevo on Sunday.

On the occasion of the national holiday of Republic of Ireland St. Patrick, the Embassy of the Republic of Ireland in Slovenia donated funds to the National Museum of BiH for the restoration and conservation of 21 objects that are exposed and which originate from the 3rd century BC.

At the opening ceremony of the exhibition, Ambassador Myles said that there is a lot of similarity between the people of Ireland and BiH, which is joy of life, enjoyment of sport, food, everyday things, but also the desire to preserve the cultural heritage as well as the historical connection through Celtic influence.

For the director of the National Museum of BiH, Mirsad Sijaric, no matter how symbolic the donation of the Irish embassy is more important is to get acquainted with the historical treasures of the institution.

He added that much work and resources are needed to make the National Museum completely restored as it once did.

The exhibited prehistoric objects were preserved and reconstructed by Lejla Bajramovic, the conservator of the museum.

The items are iron and steel weapons (helmet, sword, horsehair, part of the shield) as well as jewelry and silver coins found in Bijeljina, Bosanska Gradišska, Bosanska Krupa, Teslic and Breza, Federal News Agency reports.

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