Export of ”Bosnalijek” has increased to 55%

Pharmaceutical company ”Bosnalijek” will end the year 2012 with a profit of about 6 million BAM, judging by the results achieved in the three quarters of this year

Total income of ”Bosnalijek” in the three quarters of this year surpassed 76 million BAM, while the net profit was 4.2 million BAM.

Newspaper ”Slobodna Bosna” stated that it is very encouraging that the sales of ”Bosnalijek” grew more rapidly outside BiH than in BiH.

Exports of ‘‘Bosnalijek’’ in the three quarters were worth 41 million BAM, while revenue from the company’s sales in the domestic pharmaceutical market was 34 million BAM.

That means that ”Bosnalijek” will achieve 55% revenue on the international market which will make ”Bosnalijek” one of the most successful exporters from BiH.

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