Export of Flowers Increased Five Times

That flowers, apart from 8 March, could be a good source of income is demonstrated by statistics that BiH last year exported flowers with a total worth of 3.9 million KM, according to ‘Nezavisne Novine’.

According to data from the Indirect Tax Authority (ITA), last year BiH, in comparison to the period five years ago, increased the export of flowers and decorated plants five times, while at the same time there is a significant drop of imports to the country.

Specifically, although imports are almost five times heavier than exports, because statistics show that BIH last year imported 15 million KM worth of flowers and decorated plants, the analysis from the ITA shows that domestic manufacturers are making greater use of the potential of their country and enter into good export business.

Last year, BiH exported flowers worth 3.9 million KM, which is a significant change in foreign trade in this area in relation to 2008, when the export of flowers and decorated plants were in the amount of 800.000 KM and around 20.1 million KM were imported.

Today, BiH mostly exports cut flowers, flower buds and other plants with roots and fruit trees. Countries in which most are exported are Montenegro and Croatia. On the other side, most imports are from the Netherlands, Italy and Croatia, and it is mostly cut flowers, live plants, fruit trees and flower seeds.

Experts expect that the flower business is a specific part of agricultural production, and that BiH has all the conditions to be involved in this type of production. There are good climate conditions and the length of the process of vegetation is favorable. BiH has good conditions for large-scale production of flowers in a large open space’’, says ‘Nezavisne Novine’.

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