Famous author of Oxford University Press textbooks Bill Bowler gives a Lecture


On the 24th of October 2015, Bosna Sema Educational Institutions and the publisher Oxford University Press hosted the famous ELT professor and the author of many textbooks, Bill Bowler. Professor Bill Bowler gave a lecture entitled “Drama and Debate in ELT” which was attended by 100 teachers from all across B&H.

The first seminar, entitled “Drama in ELT” lasted for an hour and 15 minutes, and it was followed by a coffee break and the second seminar entitled “Debate in ELT” which also lasted for an hour and 15 minutes. During the seminar, Bowler held theoretical part of the course and passed to the practical part of the seminar where he did a dozen of workshops with teachers.

The most important and most interesting part of the seminar was most certainly the part when prof. Bowler shared some of his tactics for a good lecture, and some of them were that teachers should always give enough space for students to think, and that they should not bind the children to be quiet, but should work to encourage children to be loud and think more. Also, the professor added that teachers should encourage children to work in such a way that they will get the applause after and the teachers need to praise students more and not to criticize them in front of everyone.

End of the seminar was marked by awarding of certificates by the Oxford University Press.

When asked if this is the very first time for him to visit Sarajevo and, if so, whether he can share his impressions, Professor Bowler replied that he visited Sarajevo 5 years ago at the invitation of Mr. Mehmet Akdogan and that he is positively impressed with Sarajevo because he is the person who loves history and he was particularly touched by Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian architecture and construction.

He particularly noted the progress that is evident in the Bosna Sema Educational Institutions, and added that he noticed the construction of additional schools and facilities, not only in Sarajevo but in other cities of B&H as well, and that it makes him very happy. Moreover, he praised improvement and the readiness and preparedness of both professors and students, and underlined that this kind of progress is truly remarkable in a period of only 5 years.

(Source: bosnasema.ba)

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