Famous BH Actor published #10YearChallange Photo and laughed Thousands of Fans!

In the last couple of days, social networks were flooded with photographs of famous people who accepted the # 10YearChallenge, and Miraj Grbic, one of the most successful BH actors living in Los Angeles address, posted a photo as well.

BiH public remembers Grbic for the role he played in a famous comedy “Lud, zbunjen, normalan” (Crazy, confused, normal) where he played Combe.

By using the # 10YearChallenge challenge, Grbic showed his fans how the legendary Combe looked like ten years ago and how he looks like today.

“They say the acting is easy, see now what “Lud, zbunjen,normalan” has done to me in 10 years,” Grbic wrote under the picture that laughed thousands of Grbic’s fans.

“When I grow up I want to have legs like Miraj-Combe” and “Great legend” are just a few of the many comments.

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