Famous Irish Blogger lists Reasons to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina


Janet, Irish blogger for says: “While planning my adventure from Cork to Cape Town, a visit to BiH was not among my priorities.”

“As with everything in life, however, it is sometimes the unexpected places and the unexpected people that leave the biggest impression upon us. Having spent an incredible 8 days touring this wonderful hidden gem of a country, a nation with a troubled past, a difficult present and what will hopefully be a bright future, I now urge you all to visit Bosnia as soon as possible and to fill your belly with Cevapi and your heart with new friends,” said Janet.

Take a look at some of the reasons that made Janet want to visit BiH again.

  1. Bosnian Coffee

“Coffee isn’t just another drink in BiH, it’s more of a ritual and an age old tradition. Served in an intricate hand-engraved copper coffee pot and served alongside a small bowl full of sugar cubes and a small traditional coffee cup, it can be an overwhelming experience when you order your first coffee in Bosnia! My friend Ian ordered one and didn’t have a clue how to drink it – so best to ask your waiter or a local sitting nearby for a little help.”

  1. Delicious Cevapi

“While every country in the Balkans region claims to have the best Cevapi (a grilled dish made of minced meat) and there are even comedy skits that illustrate this fierce competition between countries, some of the best Cevapi we tried was definitely in Bosnia! In fact we loved the Cevapi so much in this one restaurant in Mostar that we ate there two days in a row. My favorite way to eat it is in a pita and covered in delicious Ajvar.”

  1. Freshly harvested grapes

“While visiting Tvrdos Monastery and Cellers in late September, we were gifted a few large bunches of freshly harvested grapes to taste as we were leaving. The truck had just backed into the monastery area of us and we couldn’t believe our good luck – nothing beats eating grapes straight from the vine. It was also fun to then taste the wines made from these grapes – from farm to mouth! “

  1. Enjoy Pie for breakfast

“My first taste of pie was actually in a food tour in Zagreb, but it didn’t even compare to the delicious pie I ate while travelling through Bosnia. Pie is essentially a delicious filled pastry made of a thin flaky dough and often filled with cheese or spinach, and sometimes meat. I honestly couldn’t think of anything better to eat for breakfast (or lunch, or dinner or snack),” wrote delighted Janet.

  1. Delicious local cheese

Oh the cheese! In fairness, I love cheese everywhere I go and Bosnia was no different. For the first time in my life I got a taste of cheese soaked in olive oil for the first time and I’m now a total convert.

  1. Explore Sarajevo old town

The city’s old town has its own unique feel and is positively charming to stroll around. Similar to Mostar old town in many ways, expect to encounter locals selling handmade souvenirs, old bullets, hips flasks or fur hats adorned with badges or broaches and lots of hand-engraved copper coffee pots. There are also lots of great local eateries serves delicious Cevapi!

  1. The Yellow Fortress at sunset

If you’re looking to get the best sunset photos of Sarajevo, then you’re going to need to hiccup, up, up. The higher you go, the better the view and nothing is higher that the striking Yellow Fortress that sits in a hill overlooking the city. You won’t be alone up here, regardless of what time of year you visit,” said Janet.

  1. Canyoning in Rakitnica

“Looking for a holiday full of adventure? Fancy jumping off cliffs into beautiful pools of emerald green water in addition to rafting down the river, caving and everything else? If this sounds like your dream trip, then canyoning in Rakitnica canyon is where you need to go!”

  1. Bridge jumping in Mostar

It’s something I always thought I would do, and even told my Mum I planned on doing…until I got to Mostar that is! Once I saw how high the bridge was, once I felt how cold the water was, and once I learned how dangerous the jump is I chickened out pretty fast! I honestly believe you should leave it to the professionals! It’s still fun to watch the crazy locals collecting money each day then essentially risking their lives as they plunge into the freezing cold water below – best to take away photo than a nasty hospital bill!

  1. New friends

It’s not easy to make friends everywhere you go, and some cities are certainly friendlier than others. In my experience, there were smiling faces and friends to be made everywhere we went in Bosnia Herzegovina. Even the other travelers we made friends with agreed, and we ended up spending much of our time in Mostar with newly made friends who studied locally.


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