Fana Srebrenik Exporting to Saudi Arabia

fanaThe company for processing and preserving of fruit and vegetables Fana Srebrenik exports 50 percent of its total production, and are now exporting to Saudi Arabia, said Nazif Džafić, the owner of the company in a discussion with the Newspapers of Tuzla Canton Chamber of Commerce.

“For more than 10 years, we are exporting our products and in the last 5 years we export around 50 percent of our total production. We mostly export to Croatia, Slovenia, and partly on the European Union market. Since last year, we are exporting to the US, Canada, and Australia. This year, we have begun to export to Saudi Arabia. This is the result of negotiations lasting more than one year. They are very satisfied with the quality of our products and the first contingent of goods is ready. With this in mind, we have provided all the necessary certificates, without which export is not possible, and so we have finished the implementation of standards ISO, HACCAP and Halal, said Džafić.

He recalled that with these new markets, despite the difficult times, the company is starting a new production line. This is a production line of fruit juices from local raw materials, which could be put into operation by the end of the year.

Džafić highlighted the outstanding cooperation with national retail chains, but also dissatisfaction with the fact that foreign retail chains, of which there are a lot in our country, do not offer consumers local products but rather force products that come from their countries of origin.

“This brings us in an untenable position and hinders the functioning of domestic producers”, said Džafić.

Fana Srebrenik recently won the gold and large gold medal at the Novi Sad fair for its products: apricot marmalade and mixed marmalade.


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