Farmers and Airports profited: Export of Meat from B&H to Turkey increased by 300 %!

exportAccording to the information of the Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of B&H, Mirko Šarović, export of meat from B&H to Turkey in 2015 is increased by approximately 300 %.

In fact, Turkey allowed favorable export of meat to B&H, and annual quota of meat that B&H can export to Turkey is 1,000 tons.

However, the export is growing rapidly, and the increase compared to the last year is around 300 %. According to data from the Foreign Trade Chamber of B&H, the export in the first 4 months of this year amounted to 14,005,253 BAM, while the exports for the whole 2014 amounted to 20,130,195 BAM.

According to the information by Šarović, B&H already used a quota of 1,000 tons of meat that can be exported to Turkey in the first half of the year. Until today, the quota has never been fully used during the whole year.

Due to that, B&H will request an increase of the quota from Turkey or even complete abolishment of restrictions.

“Some airports in B&H are practically living from cargo transport of meat to Turkey,” stated Šarović.

Meat from B&H to Turkey is exported from the airports in Sarajevo and Banja Luka, and often 2 airplanes with meat are going from B&H to Turkey on a daily basis.

This represents a very important aspect of business for both of B&H airports, and Šarović confirmed that they are working on enabling of Tuzla airports so that the meat can be transported from it as well.

“We are working on the opening of Tuzla airport, and maybe even airport in Mostar, if they would be interested for this. It is up to us to make sure that they are working. The very essence of this job is to increase the livestock and to employ the meat industry,” said Šarović.

To recall, Turkey has granted the customs free import of specific quantities of meat from B&H within the help for our country after last year’s floods in May.

Price of the meat per kilogram of live weight is around 5 BAM and that’s very stimulating price for B&H farmers and B&H meat industry.

(Source: photo faktor)

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