Fast Guys joining Forces: Tuka and Bigga shooting a Video for the Song “Speed”

Bigga and TukaThe fastest athlete in the world in 800 m in the year 2015 Amel Tuka and the fastest rapper in the Balkans Jasmin Alic Bigga decided to join their speed and shoot a video for the song „Speed“, which will be on the new album of the rapper from Zenica.

Jasmin Alic Bigga, a rapper from Zenica, is working hard on his new album which is to be premiered on August 25th this year. To rejoice his fans, he decided to somewhat earlier publicly present the video for the song „Speed“, which he will be shooting with Amel Tuka.

Alic said that the song “Speed“, in which he will demonstrate his abilities of rapid rapping, was being announced for a long time.

“As the song ‘Speed’ is something I have been announcing long since, I did not want to leave anything to chance. The song is quite different from everything I have done so far, and it is actually a proof of my, so to speak, superiority in rapid rapping, with which I am confirming the statement from long ago that I am the fastest rapper in the Balkans. The rhythm is faster and it speaks of my experience in the world of music through the lens of someone who knows he is good and how much he is worth, but constantly faces the obstacles.  By the proving and the aggressiveness in the song, I am trying to overcome those obstacles. I think a lot of people will find themselves in the song, because we all believe in ourselves, we know how much we are worth, but something always bothers us on the path to success“, said Alic.

The cooperation with Tuka was established before his result in Monte Carlo, when he became the fastest man in 800 m in 2015.


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