An Agreement reached: The Distribution of Positions in the Government of FB&H begin soon?

FB&H Distribution of Positions brcko.tvAfter the Party of Democratic Action (SDA), with the consent of the Croatian Democratic Community of B&H (HDZ B&H), reached a coalition agreement with the Bosnian Patriotic Party (BPS) Party for B&H, and the A-SDA, the process of the distribution of positions in the Government of FB&H will start from August 15th, confirmed the Chairman of the House of Representatives of the Parliament of FB&H, Edin Music, yesterday.

The distribution of positions shall be regulated by the annexes, as this was not included in the agreement which was signed by the five mentioned parties that make up the new parliamentary majority in the FB&H.

“The signing of the annexes should be finished this week, possibly early next week. The Party for B&H is ready to get down to work. The only question is what possibility there is in the Parliament of FB&H, i.e. with the Vice-President of the FB&H Milan Dunovic (DF), to accept the new appointments in the Government of FB&H and put his signature on them“, said the President of the Party for B&H Amer Jerlagic.

The new appointments in the Government of FB&H should be approved by the President and two Vice-Presidents of the FB&H.

Jerlagic is convinced that the signatures of the President of FB&H Marinko Cavara and the Vice-President Melika Mahmutbegovic are without question.

The Chairman Music believes that „a terrible cabal is present in the area, with the intention of creating some kind of chaos“.

“The relations within the Social Democrat Party (SDP) and the Democratic Front (DF), where the congresses are to follow, imply that there exist those internal relations that are skillfully trying to be conveyed to the environment in general. It would be better for them to deal more with the internal issues and relations, and after that to function together with us, as the state-building parties“, said Music.

(Source: radiosarajevo.ba/ photo brckotv)

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