FB&H Railways Company Will Rent Talgo Trains to Turkish Railways

talgo-voz-željezniceThe Government of the FB&H accepted the Information of Management Federal Railways about renting Talgo trains to the Turkish Railways and supported the proposal of the Board to rent these train. The company of the FB&H railways is obligated to submit to the Government of the Federation the report on the agreement of renting the trains to the Turkish Railways.

The public company of FB&H railways has nine Talgo trains, five daily and four for night, bound in nine compositions with nine wagons, with a total capacity of 81 wagons. Daily trains have 237 seats, and trains for nights have 186 seats.

The contract with the Spanish company Talgo for the procurement of Talgo trains was signed in July 2005, and trains were delivered during 2011. These trains are currently located on the trains garage due to the lack of the necessary conditions for their usage.



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