FB&H Slightly Increased Exports in October

uvoz - izvoz ilustracijaThe FB&H generated exports worth 462.593.000 BAM in October, which is 1,1 percent higher than the previous month.

The value of imports was 883.493.000 BAM, which is 4 percent higher than in September 2013, so the trade deficit of the FB&H in October 2013 is 420.901.000  BAM, according to information from the FB&H Statistics Agency.

The percentage of coverage by imports in the FB&H in October was 52,4 percent and a decrease by 1,5 percent compared to September 2013.

In October, the FB&H mostly exported to Germany in the amount of 91.816.000 BAM and in Croatia in the amount of 60.230.000 BAM. Most imports came from Croatia in the amount of 143.953.000 BAM and from Germany for 104.775.000 BAM.

The participation of the FB&H in the total exports of B&H in October 2013 was 65,5 percent, and the total imports of B&H in this month was 62 percent.

(Source: Dnevni Avaz)

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