FBiH Government allocated 100 million BAM for Fast Road through Central Bosnia

The Government of the FBiH adopted the Decision on the implementation of the Program of spending part of the funds from the position of capital transfer to public companies and approved 107 million BAM for the construction of highways and fast roads.

The Government of the FBiH is determining the projects that will be financed through this program, i.e. the construction of the fast-road Lasva – Nevic Polje, for which was approved a total of 100 million BAM and the implementer of this project will be PE Motorway of the FBiH Ltd. Mostar, as well as the construction of the southern bypass of Mostar, for which was approved 7 million BAM and it will be implemented by PE Roads of FBiH Ltd. Sarajevo.

The funds will be transferred in tranches on the accounts of the implementers of approved projects, after they submit the request and proof on realized works or services to the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the FBiH.

This decision enables implementation of the conclusion made by the Government of FBiH on September 21, 2017 and October 10, 2017 for the funds of the Russian clearing debt to be directed on financing of the construction of priority infrastructure projects of highways, fast roads and most important main roads.

Funds will be transferred in tranches to a special project account of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the FBiH that was opened within the JRT, according to requests for implementation of this program and in accordance with the Law on Execution of Budget of the FBiH for 2018, as announced by the Office for Public Relations of the Government of FBiH.


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