FBIH Prime Minister Spoke with Paola Pampaloni

The FBiH Prime Minister Nermin Nikšić spoke in Sarajevo today with the Head of the Office for BiH in the General Directorate of niksicthe European Commission for Enlargement Paola Pampaloni.

The main topic of discussion was the progress related to achieving an agreement on a coordinated mechanism in the process of EU integration to BiH. The goal is to ensure that BiH speaks in a united voice in the process of EU integration.

Reaching an agreement on the coordination of a mechanism in the process of EU integration, besides being one of the two prerequisites for filing an application for EU membership, is a very important instrument that would ensure intensive cooperation at various levels of BiH government in many different areas and sectors.

He said that there have to be additional efforts with an expressed greater flexibility to come to a solution that is acceptable to all.

Pampaloni announced stronger involvement of the EU in order to come to a final resolution regarding the definition of this mechanism. While stating that a lot of work has been done, around 75 percent, there are four or five difficult questions left. She stressed the need for a stronger political engagement and coordination in removing obstacles to the fulfillment of requirements for EU integration.

“We recognize the importance of removing obstacles on the path for submitting an application for membership to the EU. In this sense, we will certainly be part of the solution because our commitment is to come to a solution that would be acceptable and functional’’, said Prime Minister Nikšić. He added that one of the major difficulties to reach the goal is a complicated constitutional structure in our country.

Pampaloni announced the continuation of the EU’s engagement with BiH, pointing to the need to lead an active dialogue at a political level through the coordination mechanism.

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