Federal Prime Minister: No Increase of Pensions




Federal Prime Minister Fadil Novalic stated that “corona law” should be adopted next week, that is, a Bill to mitigate the economic consequences of a pandemic in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina entity, Fena news agency reports.

During his visit to Zenica and the Zenica-Doboj Canton, and while holding the press conference, journalists asked him whether pensions would be adjusted on April 15, or if there is a possibility “to leave the debts for the pensioners, so their base would not be reduced next year thus they would be at loss twice”.

“It was said that there is no increase, not only for pensioners but also for others – veterans, civilians with disabilities during the pandemic. If we declare that pandemic is gone in three months, the effect of the law will go back, from April 15. This will retroactively affect the pension law as well,” replied Novalic.

He added that, “if we go into mathematics further,” according to analyzes at least 15 percent of the FBiH GDP will be reduced next year.

“According to that, we should reduce our pension by 15 percent next year! Is that right? And who could do that,” stated Novalic.


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