Fifth Plenum of Sarajevo Citizens Held

plenum_saCitizens of Sarajevo gathered last night at Dom Mladih at the fifth Plenum in order to express their requests and proposals.

Assembly Board of Canton Sarajevo accepted the requests of Plenum and in form of conclusions forwarded them to the Assembly of Canton Sarajevo, which is scheduled for Monday, 24 February.

Plenum passed a proclamation in which among other things required that the Assembly of Sarajevo Canton without delay to adopt requirements that they have submitted on 18 February. Also, Plenum requires the urgent start of a permanent session for the fulfillment of all Plenum requests.

Participants of other Plenums, from Fojnica, Konjic and Mostar addressed the audience at this Plenum session, who said that only by mutual support can last in this fight.

Reports on the work of the technical groups – legal, inter -plenum, requirements processing group and media group for protests were submitted to the Plenum.

The protest group had only one message, the invitation for today’s peaceful protest, at 12:00, in front of B&H Presidency.

The next Plenum is scheduled for Tuesday, 25 February, at Dom Mladih, at 17:30.

(Source: Fena)

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