Fifty Employers Offering 1.000 Jobs to People from Zenica

thumbAt the city arena in Zenica today the 3rd job fair opened, where 50 employers will be presented.

The organizer for the 3rd job fair is the public institution the “Employment Office ZDK”, in cooperation with the Federal Employment Service.

One of the goals of the organizers is the improvement of cooperation between key partners in the labor market.

More than 50 employers today at the fair in Zenica opened nearly 1,000 jobs, and the arrival of around 1.8000 unemployed people from all municipalities in Zenica-Doboj Canton and wider are expected.

A law graduate from Zenica said how young people have to accept an offer for any type of job, and that through experience in this job they will recognize the quality for a better work place.

The Association for Entrepreneurs and Employers from Žepče is made up of 10 companies that offer a wide range of occupations for employment, a Car Trim today decided to employ 300 sewers.

“Everyone who applies has a chance for employment. Company Car Trim has great needs, there are a lot of people employed and it is expected that after this fair their activities will expand. The response is good for now, people are constantly coming and we expect that our contribution will be successful’’, said that Representative of the Association for Business People and Employees of Žepče Blaženka Ramljak.

Today’s fair was opened by the Prime Minister of Zenica-Doboj Canton Fikret Plevljak, who took the opportunity to say how his personal goal is for the least problematic social problem in BiH be unemployment.

“I wish to express my gratitude to employers because they have done a great thing and I wish for everyone to do the same. I wish them luck, to find a successful workforce and to carry out their task at today’s fair’’, said Plevljak.

During the fair there will be a roundtable where, in addition to the Employment Office, the Federal Employment Agency, Agency for Labor and Employment of BIH, Association of Employers, municipal and cantonal governments (resource ministry for employment, economy and education) and others will participate.

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